I've been a fan of Andy Cotton's writing for more than twenty years. It's been a thrill over the years to witness his writing life from The Coach’s Corner to his latest foray into the world of children's books. A Puppy's Tale is an amazing adventure that begins in Africa where little Jasper is born, and continues on to his new home in America where he learns all about love, challenges, and surprise solutions that can present themselves if only you learn to wag hard enough.


Spike Gillespie


As a Golf Professional, married to a Golf Professional and Son-in-law to a Texas Golf Hall of Famer, I can tell you that Andy Cotton, author and friend, writes a wonderful documentary and an accurate depiction of life and the journey of golfers attempting to get their PGA TOUR CARD. I know most of the players Andy interviewed and followed. The stories, the relationships and the many trials and tribulations of the players are incredibly well written and impel the reader to feel like they were there… an impressive, accurate, and often painful journey.


Buck Mayers

Direction of Instruction

Escondido Golf and Lake Club